Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jonah Goldberg in a recent column had this to say about liberals:

The column is ostensibly about the confirmation bias of folks like Ezra Klein and Paul “facts have a liberal bias” Krugman. But what I was really going for was a unifying theme between the more effete hubris of the “reality-based community” pundits and the angry mob wing of liberalism. I write that they are both part of a “mass psychology that simply takes it for granted that liberals have sole access to the Truth. It’s like having God on your side without having to believe in God.”

I thought that idea that "liberals have sole access to the Truth" was interesting, because a couple nights ago I was involved in brief discussion with a dedicated Democrat concerning the recently defeated equal pay for women act. Somebody commented thusly: "Honestly, you need to understand how the issue is framed. Everybody is for equal pay for equal work." The response: "I hear you. But no, everyone is not for equal pay, trust me on this one." In other words, "I understand what you are saying, and I declare it untrue. I have no evidence in support of my position, yet I demand that you accept my position."

I got involved briefly with the following comment: "The bill that went down today had very little to do with equal pay, equal pay for equal work has been the law of the land for 35 years. Rather, this bill was a conveyor belt for trial lawyers to expedite class action lawsuits and increase their ability to do so further into distant history. The Republicans voted against it because it attacked business interests. The Democrats voted for it because it enriched trial lawyers and made good headlines. It's all theater, but thank goodness it failed because we have enough trial lawyers without minting more."

The response? "I have enough facebook friends that are business friends to not be able to speak freely. But rest assured I understand the issue from many perspectives and equality is still an issue."

In other words (I think): "I know some business people, so I can't tell you why I am correct. But trust me, I have way more insight than you do, and I am right."

It's very reminiscent of Goldberg's contention that liberals take it for granted that they sole access to the truth, isn't it?


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