Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson says it's time for some accountability from America's colleges and universities:

Two factors have so far shielded the American university from the sort of criticism that it so freely levels against almost every other institution in American life. (1) For decades a college education has been considered the key to an ascendant middle-class existence. (2) Until recently a college degree was not tantamount to lifelong debt. In other words, American society put up with a lot of arcane things from academia, given that it offered something - a BA or BS degree - that almost everyone agreed was a ticket to personal security and an educated populace. [ . . . ]

In short, the university has abjectly defaulted on its side of the social contract by no longer providing an affordable and valuable degree. Accordingly, society can no longer grant it an exemption from scrutiny.

He goes on at length with just such scrutiny, which is long overdue.


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