Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here's an outstanding Ann Coulter op-ed piece on how fatuous the Democrat claim that Obamacare is "settled law" really is.

No major legislation has ever been passed like Obamacare -- and I'm using the word "passed" pretty loosely.

It became law without both houses ever voting on the same bill. (Say, is the Constitution considered "settled law"?) Not one Republican voted for it -- and a lot of Democrats immediately wished they hadn't. [...]

California voters said "no" to gay marriage in a statewide initiative to amend their constitution. State courts upheld the amendment prohibiting gay marriage. You might say the No-Gay-Marriage amendment was -- what's the expression? -- "settled law, upheld by the courts."

Liberal groups appealed to the federal courts, where an activist judge, who happened to be gay, issued a PC ruling overturning the will of the people. His work done, the judge then resigned from the bench.

There's lots more there. In reality, the law is only settled when the left gets its way.


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