Tuesday, July 03, 2012

New Occupy Nonsense

The "Occupy" juvenile delinquents are threatening to disrupt Philadelphia on the 4th of July. From Deroy Murdoch:
The Occupy movement plans to occupy Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on July 4. The nearby Liberty Bell now will spend Independence Day surrounded by unwashed protesters twirling to the sounds of bongo drums.

This promises to be yet another example of the pointless Occupy movement aiming at “the 1 percent” while hammering the “99 percent,” whom they claim to represent. If they truly want to rankle the 1 percent, why don’t they occupy a country club?

Instead, Occupy’s presence in the City of Brotherly Love will require cops, sanitation workers (certainly), and perhaps firefighters to babysit these folks, rather than relax on July 4 with their friends and loved ones. These public servants definitely are not 1 percenters, nor are most of the taxpayers who finance their salaries and, on a national holiday, surely bonus pay.

Do these morons think they are actually convincing anybody to support their cause with this sort of behavior?


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