Thursday, June 09, 2011

Holy crap. Check this out:
(F)ormer President Bill Clinton was particularly troubled by the sex scandal: "Bill Clinton is very unhappy with Anthony Weiner right now. The Clintons are not thrilled with this."
The mind reels. What precisely is Clinton unhappy about? Weiner's failure to actually meet these girls? His failure to take them to his government office for some fun? His failure to employ the Cigar Gambit? And it gets better.
Congressional correspondent Luke Russert had described how "Among those Weiner has turned to since the scandal has broke is former President Bill Clinton, a close friend who presided at the Congressman's wedding and has referred to Weiner's wife as his second daughter."
Oh, that's rich. You're involved in a sex scandal, so you turn to Bill Clinton for guidance. That's like asking Ted Kennedy for help after a drunk driving incident.


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