Friday, January 21, 2011

Regular readers know that I often link to evidence of barbaric practices around the globe, usually perpetrated in the name of a certain religion. Well, it we here in America are not without blood on our hands. Thanks to a long ago court-imposed secular "Right to Privacy," which has been transformed by self-described "Progressives" into a right to abortion on demand, we now are faced with this barbarism:
In the City of Brotherly Love, hundreds of babies were murdered by a scissors-wielding monster over four decades. Whistleblowers informed public officials at all levels of the wanton killings of innocent life. But a parade of government health bureaucrats and advocates protecting the abortion racket looked the other way – until, that is, a Philadelphia grand jury finally exposed the infanticide factory run by abortionist Kermit B. Gosnell, M.D., and a crew of unlicensed, untrained butchers masquerading as noble providers of women’s “choice.” Prosecutors charged Gosnell and his death squad with multiple counts of murder, infanticide, conspiracy, abuse of corpse, theft, and other offenses.
This is the logical conclusion of an unfettered "right to choose" between a woman and her doctor. What happens when a desperate woman meets a psychopathic doctor and nobody cares to watch? This happens.

Read it and weep. Weep for the children, and weep for a debased culture that makes such degradation possible. We clearly have plenty of work to do here at home.


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