Monday, November 05, 2007

Left Wing Hate

George Bush isn't going to be around much longer, so the left wingers need to start hating somebody new. And it seems Rudy Giuliani will do:
"Rudy Giuliani [is] probably the most underqualified man since George Bush to seek the presidency."

"[A]s president, Giuliani would grab even more executive power than Bush and Cheney."

"He's like a gang leader now, roving the streets, looking for some punk to bash."

"One thing I'm wrestling with is finding a way to convey how terrified I am of the prospect of a Rudy Giuliani presidency in terms of its impact on our foreign policy."

"Rudy Giuliani: The next Dick Cheney?"

"He's kind of channeling Rush Limbaugh. He's making the lunatic fringe mainstream."

"I refuse to believe that this could possibly happen to our country. I have too much confidence in our country to believe that this could really happen."
As usual with the left, not a single policy position to be made or debated. Just character assination and dark warnings, which constitutes political "thought" on the left these days.


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