Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More Good News

Here's some economic news:
Sales of new homes soared in March by the largest amount in 13 years, reflecting a rebound from bad weather in February. [...]

Home sales were up in all areas of the country led by a 35.7 percent surge in the West. Sales rose 10.9 percent in the Midwest, 6.9 percent in the South and 4.7 percent in the Northeast.

In other economic news, the government reported that orders to U.S. factories for big-ticket manufactured goods soared by 6.1 percent in March, the largest amount in 10 months, as heavy demand for new jetliners by foreign countries helped boost the manufacturing sector. [...]

The manufacturing sector has been powering ahead in recent months, helped by efforts to restock lean inventories and a desire on the part of many companies to purchase new equipment to expand and modernize.
That's all good news, and it seems people are noticing.
U.S. consumer confidence rose in April to a four-year high as optimism about job prospects overshadowed concerns over rising gasoline prices, a survey showed Tuesday.
Meanwhile, today the Dow hit 11,350 a six year high, and oil prices fell for the third straight day.

So I linked to all those articles on the New York Times webpage, right? That would be wrong. Searching for any good news, all I could find was a small report under Business about Boeing sales. The Times is entirely silent about all the rest. No media bias there.


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